Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising uses many different marketing approaches which is good for many different companies because they can use the best method for them. Many companies can not get the best exposure when using outdoor advertising. As a result many companies choose not to invest in outdoor advertising. The fact of the matter is, there are so many different types of outdoor advertising that can be used.

Exposure is why people should want to use outdoor advertising for their professional needs. There are a large amount of people that are exposed to outdoor advertising compared to other types of advertising. Even compared to people that read the newspaper there are more people that are exposed to outdoor advertising.

There is also a more diverse options than other traditional marketing methods when you use outdoor advertising. You can use bumper stickers, signs, mobile ads on cars and these thing will constantly be exposed to your potential target market. Outdoor advertising is a great way to attract a lot of potential customers and should be used by all companies big our small.

Car Advertising

If you own a small business car advertising is a good way for starter companies to get there name recognized. Car advertising is like paying for a mobile billboard that advertises your products and services everywhere you drive. But you do not have to pay for a mobile billboard, you can just simply pay to put vinyl decals on your own car. There is one thing you should look out for when doing car advertising and that is your target market. If you are on a busy highway or a rural road the highway is going to have more potential customers on it. You want to try to drive your "mobile advertisement" in a suburban or city-like environment to attract more customers to your goods or services. Car advertising is a low cost way of reaching a large target market and can be used for mom and pop organization or a large corporation. If you are interested in getting some vinyl decals for your business check out

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Logo Design

One of the most important business decisions somebody can make is choosing the correct logo design. A logo can help to make or break a company. Could you imagine how far Mcdonands would have gone without their famous golden arches. Many entrepreneurs make vital mistake by choosing there looking based on there personal likes or dislikes. When designing a logo you should keep the following factors in mind.

What is your business's mission, vision, and purpose?

What products and services do you deliver?

What makes your company different from the rest?

Who is your target audience.

And Lastly, Try to keep your logo simple.

Designing a Banner For Best Visibility

When you are designing a banner you must first decide what type of traffic will be seeing it. If people are driving by in cars you must design something that is large and easy to read. You must also pick a more basic type of font that can be easily read while driving by. You will also want basic, large graphics .

Some Examples of Uses for Drive By Banners

  • House for Rent
  • School Banners
  • Rental Stores
The other type of banner that you would want to create would be for standing traffic. These banners are much more open to the type of things that you can add to them. You can use more fancy text and complex pictures and it can still easily be read.

Some Examples of Standing Traffic Banners

  • Graduation Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Anniversary Party
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Installing car Decals

It is always good when installing decals to make sure they are lined up correctly. Having decals that are not straight do not leave a good impression, especially if they are on a company vehicle. Here are some general tips to make sure the decals go on correctly.

Block it out ahead of time. Take your decals and lay them flat our like you would on your vehicle. Take a height and width measurement of the whole area that will contain your decals.

Then you need to transfer the measurements. Use chalk to map out where the decal is going to be placed. Draw boxes where the actual letters are going to be.

Trace it out. Take the decals and place them inside the box. Trace out each decal and move to the next.

After the chalk lines are done, you can install the decals. Place the decal on the chalk tracing, and then wipe off the chalk.

Corrugated Sign Benifits

Corrugated signs use a light weight and cost effective plastic that is easily mounted.

Examples of Corrugated Sign Usage:
  • Menu Boards
  • Indoor Signs
  • Temporary Signage
  • Yard Signs
  • Real Estate

Corrugated plastic is made of a double walled plastic sheet.

Corrugated Plastic can be mounted in many different ways.
  • Suction Cups
  • Velcro
  • Sign Stands
  • Stapels

Window Signs

A good way to maximize commercial space is using window signs on your storefront. Shops often use a large amount of glass on there storefront to signify that they are open to the public and these window can be used as an excellent promotional tool if signs are added to them.

Different ways you can use window signs

  • Display products or services
  • Promotions
  • Product Endorsements
  • Brand Building
Window Clings Vs. Window Signs

  • Window Clings have no adhesive on them so it easy easy to change them without having sticky residue to clean up.
  • Window Clings can be repositioned.
  • Window Signs use more rich color variations so they attract customers more easily.
  • Window Signs have better quality.
  • Window Signs have better visibility.